the environmental way,


CLEAN CUBE is a TOUCH-FREE HAND CLEANER that uses no soap, no water, and no paper towels.


Save thousands of dollars in operating costs while providing a convenient hand clean for your patrons.

environmentally friendly

touch-free cleaning

saves money

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Clean Cube Range

Clean Cube
+ Single Charge Station

4-Way Charge Station
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Clean Cube with
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Smart Design

Automatic Touch-Free

Activate the Clean Cube by simply waving your hand
over the top. This removes any chance of
patron cross contamination.

Removes Bacteria & Viruses

We recommend using 75% alcohol or HOCL solutions.
Proven to remove 99% of all bacteria and disable viruses.

Fresh Not Sticky

Standard gel sanitizers leave hands sticky, and
uncomfortable. With Enviro Clean Cube, your customers’
hands will feel fresh.



Uses no soap, no water and no paper towels. There are
no single use plastics. Designed to be ECO-friendly.

Budget Friendly

Enviro Clean Cube only uses 6 oz (180ml) of sanitizer each
bottle for 500x clean sprays. Your running costs for
hand cleaning are about to be very low.

Aerosolized Delivery System

Delivering the perfect amount of sanitizer each spray.
A single 2 second spray with complete coverage,
no drips, leaving your customers’ hands feeling fresh.